Friday, December 31, 2010

Personal Protandim Testimony

Testimony Time! I've been taking Protandim for approximately 2 months. I am enjoying 2 MARKED beneficial changes in my health & quality of life as a result of this product.

#1: I have struggled my whole life with the anxiety pf hypoglycemia. I must eat regularly or scramble for something in a panic. If I'm not careful, my hunger pangs are accompanied with the "sugar-shakes," feeling faint,  heavy nausea, & then the massive headaches from letting my blood sugar get too low. These symptoms have "gone missing" from my daily life!! I'm still hyper-attentive with my meal schedule and I may forever carry an emergency snack-stash but I've not had one incident of "weird hunger" which is just normal for me, but not since I started taking Protandim.

#2: I have sports related injuries from being an all-out athlete in my youth. There's hardly a part of my anatomy that hasn't been broken, bent the wrong way, stressed, bruised or knocked around. I live with my skeletal body being so stiff & aching that I unfold, adjust, stretch, pop & rattle awake each day. Once I get moving, I'm as fine as I can be and feel blessed that I can move at all. I'm amazed to say that the stiffness & aches have been minimized to an exciting degree. I've been sleeping-in because I'm resting better. I'm able to lie in one position for a longer period of time. This is unusual. Even sitting for any length of time causes me pain and stiffness. So, with better rest I have more energy, and with the decrease of pain I'm motivated be more active and I'm enjoying MORE of my day.

I don't herald anything to anyone without fully trying it out for myself and I have no problems being honest with my findings. I don't care if it's a touted pair of "comfort shoes" or an exotic miracle "wrinkle cream." If the shoes don't fit me right and the cream causes me acne? I will stand and deliver the loud truth of my experience in my old shoes with my emergency standby tube of zit cream in hand, no matter how much I paid or didn't pay for a product.

I attribute the positive changes I've experienced to Protandim because it's all I'm taking. I'm a creature of habit and have not altered anything else about my life, except I have not had to take the usual Ibuprofen or felt the need to eat a snack because my sugar's outta whack :)
(From Anti Aging and Healthy Living on Facebook)

Regina Purkey

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